FICE Declaration Sarajevo 2006 (ENGLISH)

«FICE Declaration of Sarajevo»
Article I
FICE is committed to the rights of children, their participation in all affairs and takes the special interests of young girls and boys into consideration.
Article II
It is our goal to concentrate to the utmost on the need of children in personal crisis situations or in crisis areas to re-establish security, safety, and a sense of belonging for them.
Article III
We promote targeted educational and vocational support measures. For children in crisis situations without parental support these are of particular importance in providing assistance with integration and personal development.
Article IV
It is a key long-term professional goal of FICE to give children the opportunity to find out their own origins or to find accepting orientation with their own parents and family despite past difficulties. 
Article V
Appropriate therapeutic aid helps in coping with traumatic experiences and promotes the development of personal strengths and abilities to cope with adversity. Particular attention needs to be paid to the needs of disabled children. 
Article VI
The experiences and the suffering of innumerable persons with difficult childhoods motivate us to strive for additional preventive efforts, to permit children to grow up in reliable relationships, in security and peace, and not in permanent conflict, in poverty or war.
Approved by the CF of FICE International. Vienna, 19 Mai 2006
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